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Nu-me Natty Collection (Various Prices)



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Nu-me Natty

The Natty pendant gives great personal protection which is gentler than some of our more powerful products, which makes it great for kids and adult who are Electrosensitive. The protection field radius is approximately 3m (9.8 feet).

It has the same Nu-me insert as the Nu-me Snappy and the Natty silicon case colours are interchangeable.

The Natty offers:
Protect 24/7 from EMF
Help sleep
Help concentration and aid learning
Help heal and keeping well
Keep calm in any situation
Boost energy levels
Balance chakras
Aid the immune system
Protect 24/7 from all forms of unbalanced energy and entities.

The Natty comes with a Nu-Me insert with a black silicon case and a choice of either a red, blue or teal cases in addition. A waxed cotton cord is also included.

Nu-me Snappy

Nu-me Snappy Bands were created for kids but some adults who find the Nu-me skinny pendants too powerful love them too. 

Nu-Me Snappy Bands set includes 3 x Snappy bands and an insert.

Available in 2 colour sets.

  1. Red, Black, Green
  2. Purple, Pink, Blue

Nu-me Snappy/Natty Combo

Comes with 1 insert, 1 Snappy Band, 1 Natty Case and a cord so that it can be worn both ways.

Bands available in 4 colours, Black, Red, Green, and Blue.
Natty cases are available in 4 colours, Black, Red, Blue, Teal.
Combinations available are (band/case) : Black/Black, Blue/Blue, Red/Red, and Green/Teal.

Nu-me Natty Cases and Snappy Shells are also sold separately.

Nu-me Natty Pet

EMF protection for your pet with black case.

Like us animals are also affected by EMF pollution. Our fury friends can have sudden changes in behavior from over-exposure to EMF. Behavioral signs can include increased nervousness, fear and fatigue. Simply attach a Natty pet to their collar and see the changes! 

SKU: 10000-52 TAGS: EMF, Health, Healing, Natty, Snappy, Pet

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