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Life Enegry Nano Wand - Scalar Wave Enhanced - With RadiSafe



Amega Global wands are proven healing tools. The Life Energy chakra healing energy Wand is a natural energy-generating device proven effective at protecting against cancer-causing EMF.

What is a Life Energy chakra healing wand?

The Life Energy chakra healing energy Wand is a natural energy-generating device. The special combination of granulated crystals and minerals, which have been processed using Nanonized fusion Technology, resonate with Zero Point Energy, which is the energy from which everything is made – including us. Then we have added Scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies. Potent stuff!

What are the benefits of using a Life Energy chakra healing Wand?

Helps the body to obtain homeostasis
Strengthens the bio field
Facilitates healing
Relieves pain and discomfort
Energizes food and drink making them more beneficial to the body
Makes food and drink more acceptable to the body (food intolerances)
Stimulates bodily functions
Strengthens immunity
Facilities and strengthens the flow of Life Energy into the body
Energizes the body and increases its performance
Makes plants, fruits and vegetables grow better, stronger and more nutritional
Helps pets to become and stay healthy and energetic
Because of all the above improves the quality of life

Receive a complimentary RadiSafe with every wand purchase!

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