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Spiritual, psychic or energetic cleansing

(Also known as "Ghost Busting")

If you are bothered by bumps, knocks or so called "negative energies" you will know how disconcerting it can be, how out of control and stressed you can feel within yourself and your environment. These unwanted energies are often just confused or lost spirits but their energy can affect your health, mind, body and soul, those around you and even your pets.

I know first-hand what it's like to live in a "ghost house". For a while we lived in a rented house that I had never been happy with from the moment we first sighted it, but at the time we had little choice of where to live there. It turned out that a man had shot his dog then himself in the basement. We noticed lights going on and off at odd times and the intermittent smell of burning electrical wires emanating from the walls, even though no issues were ever found by the electrician. He thought I was rather mad as he couldn't smell anything. We later cleansed the house as best we could and moved on shortly afterward.

A long time ago I bought an old house to renovate. Apparently an old lady had died there many years earlier. I was at home alone one night and sleeping in the sitting room where she has apparently died, and as it it happened, in the same corner too. So this one horrid night (I was never good being there by myself), whilst drifting in and out of sleep, a heaviness compressed / laid on top of me. Then I was suddenly and shockingly awoken by a huge bang on the ground next to my bed and saw a white light disappearing upwards in front of me. I was so frightened.

In my early days in the UK, I have hired-out a huge old building owned by a charitable trust building which was run for disadvantaged children. After a few not-so-nice energetic experiences and visions, we identified a ghostly paedophile spirit monk that had lodged himself in the attic games room. I felt compelled to do something about him so asked two mediums to come and assist me as he was a determined and stubborn character.

Ghost Busting is really rewarding and can really help those affected by "negative energies", bringing in love into the dark spaces and assisting the owners to adjust into a sense of peace within themselves and their home. Negativity is actually just a term as what can be negative to one can be OK to another. It is all about vibration and perception.

Ghost Busting is a great side line, and I am being called to do it more and more.

"If you need some advice or help just ask. I use ThetaHealing®, Reiki and Cosmic Radience, lots of light and positive thought, and with a good sense of humour and a resilient attitude that all will be well. It is great to hear afterwards that the lights have stopped flickering, the odd smell has stopped, the weird noises have gone and the home is more relaxed and peaceful as it means the job is complete."

My clearings

I offer, Spiritual, Psychic or Energetic Cleansing and can do this remotely but preferably on site.

I will can assess the situation over the phone before my visit to give you an idea of what is at hand and the possible time that it could take. Please be aware that the assessment for clearings and doing the actual clearings can take 1 or 2 hours and they can be immediate too.

I will discuss with you the likely charge for my time. All requests are considered so please ask as donations are acceptable as I see this as a service.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me. Many people have never experienced alternative, natural, holistic or complementary healing and need to know more before booking a session. Remember, my first 15 minute assessment is free-of-charge.

Contact Information

Pip Hense, Cambridge, New Zealand
t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

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