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Psychic reading

I feel that psychic means to be in tune with your own feelings and emotions, being more aware of who you are, what you like and dont like and importantly know what you want to do about it.

Everyone has the potential to develop their psychic abilities more; for some it becomes a vocation, like for me.

Our basic senses are sight, hearing, sensing, taste and smell however we also have telepathy, telekenesis and even astral projection to tap into.

It is very exciting to develop more and I have loved my journey through Reiki and mediatation initially and then onto various workshops from Crystal healing, to plant healing to drumming then on to the many aspects of Theta Healing with many others inbetween and since.

Life is about growth and momentum and what better way to live is through acquiring knowledge. I love teaching and imparting life skills in a passionate way, it just is so exciting to be a health advocate.

"We are all born being intuitive but depending upon circumstances, beliefs, programs, peers, society, religious bends the extent of our intuitiveness maybe squashed or enhanced." Pip

To become a 'Psychic' and actually work in this field is based upon life learning experience combined with structured learnings over a time. Some truly gifted individuals are skilled from birth and just need to learn how to conduct themselves but some just do it and have it!

"I now can offer even more techniques, tools and classes within my spiritual toolbox. I am so excited to share." Pip

Physical tools such as cards and crystals are a great focus. I love to use my Being In colour card technique when doing readings (as it is a great self empowerment tool) and teach Cosmic Radience Rainbow Healing, Reiki and ThetaHealing® etc to assist seekers to enhance their own psychic abilities with ease and joy. It is a real achievement when you get to a point when you just have a deep knowing that you feel you relate to and trust and you can choose to leave the tools aside.

I look forwards to hearing from you.

Learn to perform Psychic Readings (using Being in Colour®)

I teach a number of workshops on reading my own Being in Colour® cards. Click here for more details.

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