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Reiki Usui seminars I can offer

I have been teaching this beautiful, peaceful, heartfelt technique for over 20 years now and along with ThetaHealing® and Being in Colour® my teaching life is even more full and abundantly fun.

I love integrating vibrational modalities into my holistic toolkit. The students who approach me love the versatility of my approach with Reiki as they themselves want to know the basics and get a good all rounding experience. I believe healing should be fun, it is after all about happiness and health.

I am honoured to have taught over 100 individuals at least 1 or 2 levels; more than 10 Masters and 6 Master teachers.

The ability to perform Reiki was passed on from my teacher to me, and from me to my students. Reiki has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds around the world.  In New Zealand, Reiki is taught in a series of three / four levels. During your first level Reiki class you are taught good living techniques for yourself.

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I offer 4 Reiki Usui courses that are learned in succession, starting with Reiki Level 1.

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Pip Hense, Cambridge, New Zealand
t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

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