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Learn Praanayam (Breath Technique)

The Science of Praanayam

Breath is precious. When breath is refined, thinking is refined. Praanayam is the ancient yogic technique that uses breathing exercises to regulate the subtle praanik forces, which not only brings about health and balance, but leads the human consciousness to the dimension of freedom, peace, and equanimity. With the practice of praanayam, every cell is flooded with praan, the vital force, and the result is the ability to store praan so that the wealth of this pure energy is available to you at all times.

There is an innate relation between breath and mind. When the breath and praan are settled, the mind also becomes peaceful.

I was taught Praanayam by Pragati and Krishna who are both Master meditators in the Himalayas. Their guru is Swami Shyam. You can find more info about him and his work here.

I teach Praanayam over 6 classes, each one being 1 hour long. 

Pricing for Praanayam: NZ $90.

Minimum Class Size: 4 students in person at my Cambridge studio, or unlimited online.  If the minimum numbers are not met the class will likely be deferred.  Students will be kept up to date and a decision will be made in reasonable time.

Learning at my Cambridge venue: Please bring a rug and or mat, water bottle and a pair of socks (for hygiene).

Contact Information

Pip Hense, Cambridge, New Zealand
t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

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