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Learn Cosmic Radiance

Introduction to Cosmic Radiance Technique

The aim of Cosmic Radiance is to help guide you and assist you to create a better, healthier and more prosperous future; to create a real difference in your life, and other people's, for the animals and our earth.

Cosmic Radiance is about change and how to change in a positive way, easily and simply.

It helps people to change habits, thought processes and perceptions to find something that works better for them in a more expansive way to see the bigger picture.

Learn more about Cosmic Radiance.


Enjoy the Cosmic Radiance journey and link in through colour, sound and form on all levels through joy and ease.

  • Reconnect with the universal rainbow energy within you.

  • Be gently guided in a supportive loving way to reconnect with your natural intuitive abilities through visualisation and direct application of heart, mind and soul.

  • Become confident in helping yourself and others through a wonderful array of techniques.

  • My aim is to teach you the best and easiest way to ask great questions.

"Hi Pip,
Just writing to say thankyou so much for coming down to Dunedin to hold your workshops. I got so much out of them. I have grown spiritually, emotionally & mentally. It was so lovely to meet you, after watching your DVD with Barbra I felt so inspired to pursue my spiritual calling.
The private work we did together has help me so much, I can now distinguish when I am not being my authentic self with my Ego taking over. I am enjoying the new challenges it brings and I feel so much more connected with the world around me. Everyday i send love and light to the world and those around me.
Looking forward to October"

Rediscover your intuitive skills through the application of these topics covered within the Cosmic Radiance Discovery book.

Entry Level Workshops

  • Auras, Chakras and Energy

  • Dowsing, Radiesthesia and Divination

  • Art for Therapy

  • Vibrational Colour, Sound and Movement

  • Understanding Embedded Programs and Beliefs

  • The Body Intuitive

  • Crystals

  • Animal, Plant and Earth Healing

  • Medical Intuition - NEW 9TH MODULE COMING SOON!

Each Entry-Level workshop is 3 hours in length and includes tutorial and interactive practical demos and is supported by notes and inspirational teachings and includes the Cosmic Radiance book and online support group.

Advanced Level Workshops

  • Being in Colour® Card Process (advanced)

  • The Past Life Journey (advanced)

The Advanced Level workshops are each two-day workshops.

The Entry Level workshops are the foundation to the two Advanced Level classes and must be completed first. The two Advanced Level workshops are each two-day workshops.

All refreshers are invited to take any of the Entry Level workshops to sharpen up your skills for free.

Once you have completed the Entry Level workshops, you can go on to do the Advanced Level workshops which are run in sequence. At successful completion you become a certified Cosmic Radiance Healer practitioner.

Minimum of 4 students per class. All  classes must be attended to become certified.

Pricing for Entry Level Workshops

The full 9 module Cosmic Radiance Entry Level course costs $1,500. Payment is required 21 days prior to commencement. 

I have two payment options available:

Option 1
Pay in full for all 9 modules 21 days before (includes book and support group for duration of the course. Personal sessions can be booked for further guidance and support)

Option 2
Prepayment option is available prior to the commencement of the first class. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this. Please note there is an administration fee attached to this of $100.

Schedule Options

Option 1
27 hours of teaching over 9 sessions. Each session is 3 hours long.

Option 2
27 hours of teaching over 18 sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours long.

All students must agree as to the schedule preferences which will be discussed.

Advanced Level Workshops

Entry Level Workshops


Contact Information

Pip Hense, Cambridge, New Zealand
t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

Please visit my Discover Success Academy website:


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