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Learn Being in Colour® Level 1

Being in Colour® Level 1

This is the introductory level to learn the Being in Colour® process for yourself.

On this one or two-day workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Being in Colour® cards and the process

  • Learn how to ask effective questions

  • Touch on the psychology of colour

  • Understanding colours of the mind and body

  • Meditation

  • Explore why you react to colours the way you do

  • Establish what the hidden colour messages are indicating

  • Become confident in doing 1-3 colour card readings for yourself and on others

  • Optional: Commence doing case studies (mainly on day two)

  • Discussion and reflection time

  • Establish a workable aim and life focus for the NOW!

  • Upon completion of this workshop a Reader Level 1 certificate is given.

Pricing for Being in Colour® Level 1:

In House class $150 (additional charges off site). This is a one day workshop and the Being in Colour toolkit is separate at a cost of $47.

Minimum Class Size: Generally 4 students.  If the minimum numbers are not met the class will likely be deferred.  Students will be kept up to date and a decision will be made in reasonable time.

Become a Being in Colour® Facilitator

At Level 1 we only endorse you using the cards on yourself or with others at no charge because this workshop in itself is not really sufficient to give you the skills to do readings on others. If you would like to give readings to paying clients, you need to become a Being in Colour Level 1 Facilitator.

To upskill, be a leader and become a practitioner to receive monetary reward for your readings you are required to complete a second day of instruction and complete 10 case studies and a 500 word summary to achieve a certain level of competency in performing readings as a recognised BIC facilitator.

For one off fee of $145* we will assist you as best we can through confidence building to effectively work with others in this fabulous card reading technique. We will cover:

  • Safety

  • Process

  • Documentation

  • Professionalism

  • Active promotion of you as a facilitator at shows, expos and in advertising material

*Annual commitment is just $25 a year for renewel of your info on the website, email updates and inclusion in general promotional materials. You are expected to join in and refresh at least once a year with one of Pip's or Barbaras courses to keep fresh and this is usually for FREE. Personal one on one time is available at a session rate cost. 

We really thank you for helping and supporting the growth of Being in Colour and Cosmic Radiance and we are excited to see the collaborative benefit.

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t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

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