Philippa Joy Hense

ThetaHealing® testimonials

Testimonial from Lisa Curran, ThetaHealer. Maryland, US.


Basic DNA testimonials

Pip is so passionate in her teaching of Theta – she wants all her students to grasp and fully understand Theta.
You teach that from the heart, you are passionate, kind and understanding. That you are knowledgeable in many ways means our questions are easily answered which gives us a better understanding
Philippa is wonderfully encouraging and uplifting with positive attitude. Philippa takes the time to go through very thoroughly with whatever the problem may be until it is understood and cleared.
This course has opened my mind up in many ways. I am very impressed with how many emotional wounds had been dealt with of my own and how fulfilled I feel from completing this course.
It was a wonderful experience learning how to connect to the Creator and help heal myself.
Pip's Qualifications, much teaching experience helps the learnings stick in your head, thankyou Pip - Practitioner. Mum. Northland
Loved having Pip come and share vast talents and knowledge
You shine from the inside out and make everybody feel confident and loved - Yoga center Business owner. Auckland

Advanced DNA testimonials

If you are wanting to learn an energy healing technique, this is a safe and empowering course. It will bring phyiscal, psychological and spiritual changes into your life. You learn the process with Pip by your side in a small group which provides a very supportive environment.

You must do Pip's workshops, even if you just have a consultation; it will be the best move you make and life will never be the same (in a good way). I found out that there were many beliefs that I held that had limited me in may aspects of my life, working on them and recognising them and not judging them made me feel so light, complete and fully ready to take my life to new profound heights.

The joy I feel now, is amazing and something I have been looking for, for a long time. I feel the Advanced Course has completed me in what I was introduced to in Basic Theta. I know now. It's beautiful. Forever "Crazy by Nature" from this day on and proud of it.

Pip has a lovely presence, and great attention to detail, it's been a pleasure to fo this Advanced course with you.

Pip teaching 3

Dig Deeper testimonials

This course met more than my expectations. The Digging is amazing. I have released so much.

I dealt with underlying issues that I didn’t know I had, so it helped so much as it was a domino effect, it helped me so much to move forwards. It is great to have the confidence to say how you feel as in most situations you can't.

Dig deeper has the skills to help clients turn their issues in such a positive and safe way to forge through to a brilliant future.

World Relations testimonials

Doing World relations released the ancestral burdens I had been carrying and acting out in this life. I created freedom!

World relations makes you a better person by shedding grudges and prejudices towards others.

This technique is fun. I cleared deep pains and seeing the muscle testing match the pain was very interesting. - S.C Canada

I wasn't sure what to expect. It opened my eyes up to how much our Ancesters play such a major role in our lifetime. - R.B Canada

I realised talking to the Ancesters is easier than all that digging. - R.McC Canada

Greater awareness of how Ancesters affect us and it helps tie together Ancesters, current themes with the digging techniques. Pip has excellent knowledge of history which helps tie together how peoples+religions affect us now. She is excellent at clearing witch energy and has the ability to clearly communicate through the triggers. - E.S Canada

Profound personal shifts. - J.H Canada

Intuitive Anatomy testimonials

IA is not about how to heal your body using spiritual techniques. IA and also ThetaHealing helps you to live your life easily, peacefully and in the highest way like a dream! Like a MOVIE

This course exceeded my expectations. I witnessed an instant healing with a woman very dependent on crutches leaving them behind and bearing her own weight without them.

It has been an awesome experience abroad (in NZ). Very intense and deeply healing. It was a good idea to be away from my daily, normal and known life in order to do this. I think that you are a highly qualified teacher. You know how to work in a team, you have an amazing loving team that goes beyond your classes. You know how to truly commit yourself and it made me feel safe all the time, no matter what was going on.

Another life altering course with Pip! Boundary stretching and skill enhancing facilitator in the most positive way. - Peter NZ

Pip is a fantastic teacher that has given great advise and material. She has been very supportive throughout the journey to inner peace. I thank you for all the support from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Pip. There were times I thought I would not make it but you made it all achievable. - NC from Australia

It was amazing to see a whole team of people working together synchronistically to provide my best and highest growth. I bow down to this amazing synchronicity. - M, Czech Republic

Well organised for overseas visitors re: accommodation, activities, extra curricular events and schooling. Very well done. - SS from Australia

A very deep course of self healing and realisations. - AN, NZ

It has been an awesome experience abroad. Very intense and deep healing. I was a good idea to be far away of my daily, normal and known life in order to do this. - Ariana from Argentina

I have enjoyed the slides and videos and the extra anatomy book provided. The class is organised and information is comprehensive about Intuitive Anatomy. - F from Florida

Diseases and Disorders testimonials

I am feeling a lot clearer within myself doing the Diseases and Disorders course. Pip gave a great level of support for all of her students, in the organisation before the course, throughout and after the course too. Thank you

DNA 3 testimonials

DNA3 is an excellent course and I enjoyed the Divine timing exercise, Bilocation, Meditations especially. Pip is an extraordinary teacher full of energy and wisdom. Her stories touched my heart and gave me confidence that everything is possible.

Pip is an amazing instructor who can take you on an amazing journey through different realities. Your life will never be the same after DNA3.