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I had a session with PIp, and we focused on the Clendinning Technique as well as other methods that Pip practices. The reason for my visit was that I was experiencing hip and shoulder pain. Pip did an assessment on me before we started. During the Clendinning Technique, she felt there was a bladder issue. I was also told about this by one of Hamilton's top osteopaths, but after seven treatments, I still had no relief from my hip pain or bladder problem. (According to the osteopath, you do not have a hip problem; rather, you have a bladder problem that is causing imbalances in that area.)

For the past 22 years, I've had to get up in the middle of the night because my bladder feels full. Just lately I have gotten up three times in a night to pass water (My age is 49). I've only had one session with Pip, and I didn't go to the toilet at all that night. My bladder didn't even feel full, despite the fact that I had drank water before bed.

My shoulder pain was caused by a bad workout technique at the gym. They have improved from 50% to 90% and no longer feel unsafe moving around in bed.

I had COVID 9 weeks ago and still have some pain in my solar plexus. That pain was somewhat relieved in that area. Pip also assisted in balancing and grounding my body, as well as ensuring that the energy flow was balanced in all of my organs.

I must admit that I was a little bit unsure that this would work for me, but I have been interested in natural health since I was 23. But I always try new things.

I was so impressed with the results that I plan to study the Clendinning Technique in order to help others who are interested in trying it.

Kind Regards
Glenn Swanson

Well recommended

Philippa is always loving and generous with her time, knowledge and home

A gentle healing technique to aid the personal emotionally and physically to heal

Wonderful healing - I would go again

Fantastic space, great people, good times and life changing training on the side

Fantastic space, great people, good times and life changing training on the side

Excellent course, was wonderful to work with Geoffrey

Learning the technique from the man that invented it was beyond what anyone could have wanted. AMAZING.