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Card readings

I have an extensive collection of oracle cards to play with to suit most peoples tastes, however most of the time I use my own Being in Colour® card process as I am so interconnected with it.

How card reading started for me was that I owned Doreen Virtues various Angel cards and would take one card and read the meaning from the book for my own personal guidance. I then found that I didn't need the book anymore and could see deeper messages within the energy of the picture I was looking at; I could just feel the message intuitively.

However to work with cards for others I felt it important to apply myself in a professional manner so I chose to learn how to read Tarot  through Ines Wyatt, a well known Medium in Auckland and a dear friend. It was wonderful to open up my senses and find a good way to conduct a card reading session to deliver personal messages.

What to expect in my sessions

  • A normal session would take around an hour completing with a manifesting meditation and an affirmation.

  • I do love using Doreen Virtues card sets as well as Tarot, Being in Colour, Power animal and there is a choice of many others too so please ask.

  • I would like to say that I can present accurate insightful readings, I always connect through the Creator to give you my best attention.

"Know that you have the wisdom and answers within you, so my job is easy as it is only to guide and facilitate the journey by helping you to tap in to your truth, identify and remove blocks that may come up with a plan to move forward." Pip

Learn how to read cards

I teach a number of workshops on reading my own Being in Colour® cards. Click here for more details.

Contact Information

Pip Hense, Cambridge, New Zealand
t: +64 (0) 27 903 1732

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