Reiki Usui seminars

I have been teaching this beautiful, peaceful, heartfelt technique for over 12 years now and along with ThetaHealing® and Being in Colour® my teaching life is even more full and abundantly fun.

I love integrating vibrational modalities into my holistic toolkit. The students who approach me love the versatility of my approach with Reiki as they themselves want to know the basics and get a good all rounding experience. I believe healing should be fun, it is after all about happiness and health.

I am honoured to have taught over 80 individuals at least 1 or 2 levels; 6 Masters and 2 Master teachers......Pip

The ability to perform Reiki was passed on from my teacher to me and from me to my students. During your first level Reiki class you are taught good living techniques for yourself.

Reiki has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds around the world and you can read more about it in 'What I offer section'.

Reiki is taught in a series of three / four levels in New Zealand.

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Graduates from my recent Reiki Level 1 class. Well done guys.

Reiki Usui Level 1

Beginners start at Level 1 and at this level the student is introduced to the background of Reiki Usui, meditation, grounding, centering, self healing and implementing all the learnings into good daily practise. You are attuned into Reiki, build your confidence, work towards empowerment and learn how to perform self Reiki and Reiki on family and friends (it is generally not regarded as a practitioner level).

Pricing for Reiki Level 1:

Training: NZ $290, Venue/hosting: NZ $30, TOTAL: NZ $320

$280 EARLY BIRD if paid in full 21 days before the class begins or $320 if later.

Reiki Usui Level 2

Level 2 further deepens your understanding of Reiki with new techniques introduced and lot's of discussion time. The student will receive further attunements. Once completed the student may decide to get extra / or may have some clinical training already (I would highly consider this if starting a Reiki practice and also Reiki NZ Inc recommends that people considering becoming practitioners obtain guidelines for Professional Practitioner Membership). Having a knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very helpful too - I introduce you to this and the emotions linked to disease in Level 1.

Pricing for Reiki Level 2:

Training: NZ $290, Venue/hosting: NZ $30, TOTAL: NZ $320

$280 EARLY BIRD if paid in full 21 days before the class begins or $320 if later.

Reiki Usui Master

Master level is divided into two parts in New Zealand: 3a (master) and 3b (master teacher)

Reiki Mastership...

Is a wonderful gift for all peoples, creatures, for the world and the Universe. It takes you to a place of healing that is way beyond what we will ever know’ P. Oxlade

Reiki Master Level 3A heightens your Reiki connection and spiritual awareness and is intended for all those who wish to expand further and those who wish to go on to become Teachers in Usui Reiki.

Reiki Mastership offers us the ultimate soul gift; to connect with a deeper sense of peace and love across all times and levels from which you can be confident to:

  • Walk your walk and talk your talk.
  • Be a true Reiki ambassador.
  • And learn to Master your own destiny.
A Reiki Master doesn’t have to think Reiki as we know we are it

At Level 3A you are attuned to the Master symbol and one other; and as a bonus I will show you how to give a Heart attunement for others.

By sub dividing Level 3, to 3A and B; it certainly makes Reiki Mastership more accessible financially for so many more practitioners. It also gives the Master time to assimilate all that has been learnt and time to apply and time to grow before making the next step to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.

The world can certainly benefit as a result of having more Masters attuned

We cannot expect to really know ourselves and become all that we are meant to be overnight by rushing head long in to the next thing and then the next. We need to give ourselves time to gain experience through perseverance, application and reflection.

On my Mastership course there will be plenty of time for open discussion, exchange and practice. I love this level of Reiki as it attracts students from different lineages, differing life and Reiki experiences and expands our awareness even further.

It is important to share as much as it is important to listen’

My aim is to teach you the use of the Master symbol, illustrate its application, fully acquaint you to the role of being a Reiki Master and open up the doorway to all its wonderful life gifts.

My expectations of those looking to attain Reiki Master Level 3a are:

  • You are an ethical and responsible person.
  • That you have good understanding of the chakras, their meanings and can apply what you know to your practise.
  • That you know how to apply Reiki and use the symbols regularly on yourself.
  • That if you are a practitioner you have evidence of your healings whether it be animal healing or people in the form of a diary, notes or log book as we will discuss different aspects of your work during the course.
  • That you “walk the talk” in the way that you know the Reiki principals and can apply them effectively.
  • That you choose to reflect a holistic attitude so that you are great Reiki ambassadors.
  • Please bring a log book to record your 21 days of healing in.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Bring any special crystals or special things you would like at your attunements.
  • If you have not been a student of mine then please meet me prior to the course. I will ask that you supply your certificates, course notes and drawings of your symbols and will decide if I am the best teacher for you to train with as it is important that we are compatible.
  • The length of time between Reiki Levels 2 and 3a is dependent on several factors and I reserve the right to select my 3B student.

Pricing for Reiki Level 3a:

$595 EARLY BIRD if paid in full 21 days before the class begins or $700 if later.

The second part (3b) is Master Teacher level and I will train you to become an independent, confident, excellent Reiki Master/Teacher. To become a Reiki teacher requires you to shadow me in class and run classes with me observing you. As a result the time taken (and also the cost) reflect this. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I just want to give you a little overview of Reiki.
Reiki Level 1 is fantastic for self-healing, a great connection, an introduction to healing in general, because Reiki is like the foundation, it is like the bricks of a home. If you get the bricks right, then you are set and often people get in to Reiki and then they find their own way after. It doesn't matter, but the foundation will always be there, and that is the important thing. So if you are considering doing something special for yourself, something different, reaching out, maybe wanting to start brining in new techniques into your toolbox, then Reiki maybe the way you want to go. Generally Reiki can be given in any situation whether you are seated, standing or lying. We tend to do sessions on a massage table, people are fully clothed and we place the hands on the various Chakra points and then using your intuition to be guided by your God energy, your creative energy, and with that it can bring a sense of wellness, relaxation and peace to that person and to yourself, and for me it was my first introduction to becoming more psychically connected and aware and I found peace at a time when my Dad had died. It was that energetic, meaningful sense of ... soul. When you are in that Reiki space you get connected to that soul, that heart-space, and it gets you to pause in your busy day, and Reiki really is something that is a way of life, and we have five principals, and it is up to you whether you want to follow it strictly or just dip in every so often, it is always there.
Reiki involves attunements. There are five symbols that are taught in Reiki Usui. They are given in Reiki Level 1 and 2, and then in the Master Level you have the Master Symbol taught to you, but there are other paths of Reiki too, so you could go to Reiki Tera Mai Seichem for instance or Karuna Reiki and that's what I have done, I am a Master Teacher in those aswell.
So just get in touch if you are interested and if you want to take Reiki further than Reiki Level 1, you can do Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3a or Reiki Level 3b with Reiki Usui and I teach all those levels, and my next class is coming up very soon, so I look forward to hearing from you.

What I offer on my Reiki seminars

Pricing for Reiki Level 3b:

Reiki Usui Level 3b (teacher level) is more in-depth than most classes and you are required to shadow and assist me whilst I teach it to others. This could be several weeks of shadowing over a period of several months. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing info.

Level 1 and 2 - I offer quality teaching and support over 2 full days plus a half day. I am available for 3 weeks text, phone, email support whilst you do daily self- healing and you keep a reflection log so we can debrief and share lunch prior to certification*. The cost includes refreshments and manual.

*Master and Master Teacher Level structure is different.

There is plenty of time to do practice sessions in amongst the theory.

I offer you safe and beautiful classes that aim to meet your soulful needs to inspire and facilitate positive changes in your life.

I used to be a Registered Nurse and Midwife over a 20 year period. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2003 and a ThetaHealing® Master instructor since 2011, along with years of self reflection and many types of trainings means I can offer a spiritual approach in a professional manner.

Please ask me any questions as I would be very happy to assist you.