Philippa Joy Oxlade

Being in Colour® Level 1

I own and have used oracle cards for many years; mostly at the time when I saught inner guidance for myself. You don’t always want to go to see someone or speak to others and hear their opinions. I have felt that they have generally been very helpful; just selecting one in the morning can set you up for a happier day.

At a time of ill health and personal crisis I developed the Being in Colour® technique based upon the coping and recovery process I was in. Tapping into this deep experience of infertility and then cancer it became the hardest and yet most productive time of my life. I have always been a health advocate in some way or other (a nurse and later a midwife) and here I was learning to tap into my intuition like never before. Through channeling and study I also learnt how to understand the ancient aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Metal elements along with the help of the "Beings of Colour" and the vibrational healing connection. The end result being a wonderful standalone colour card and questioning process with a modern twist, that helps identify a person's true purpose and path by sifting away the clutter. These cards have proven time and time again to be very accurate as they access your inner truth in such a simple easy way.

 The Being in Colour® process works well alongside other techniques to open up dialogue between the practitioner and the client and assists you to Be the best you can be Now.


Being in Colour® can be learnt through just reading through the book and lot's of practise. The Toolkit is comprehensive.

So you can develop yourself independently and / or like me you prefer learning in a concentrated fashion; so please inquire about taking a Being in Colour class.

Would you like to officially work on others as a facilitator? Please inquire about this.


I tend to cover the North Island of New Zealand and Barbara Dixon-Grant covers the South Island.

However please note that both Barbara and I are very happy to travel and teach anywhere so just ask. I have taught in Australia, the UK, America and Holland.

Maybe you would like to be a teacher of Being in Colour!

I would like to mention here that I have also created the Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY Rainbow Healing Technique modules which incorporate all aspects of the Being in Colour® process in eight entry-level modules and four advanced days. So perhaps that is something you would like to look at too- it's really fun and interactive.


The introductory level to learn the Being in Colour® process for yourself

On this one or two-day workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Being in Colour® cards and the process
  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Touch on the psychology of colour
  • Understanding colours of the mind and body
  • Meditation
  • Explore why you react to colours the way you do
  • Establish what the hidden colour messages are indicating
  • Become confident in doing 1-3 colour card readings for yourself and on others
  • Optional: Commence doing case studies (mainly on day two)
  • Discussion and reflection time
  • See the 10-card process (taught at Level 2)
  • Establish a workable aim and life focus for the NOW!
  • Upon completion of this workshop a Reader Level 1 certificate is given.

At Level 1 we only endorse you using the cards on yourself or with others at no charge.

This workshop in itself is not really sufficient to give you the skills to do readings on others. Practitioners wanting to use the cards on others are required to complete the second day plus10 case-studies and achieve a certain level of competency in performing readings.

Pricing for Being in Colour® Level 1:

$150 (per day). Early-Bird price is $125 (per day) and only valid up to 21 days prior to commencement when paid in full.

This is 2-day workshop: Day 1 is for everyone, day 2 is optional and for practitioners wanting to go on to use the process with clients.

See also Being in Colour® Level 2. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I have seen peoples attitudes and awareness completely turn around from the time they walk in to when they depart. Always a positive outcome even when the answer is that something else needs to be created before you get to where you think you need to be; often thats not where you are supposed to be and it is purely down to acceptance of that. ... Pip Oxlade


I also offer fabulous and accurate Being in Colour® readings face-to-face, via Skype or over the phone, workshops and also sell the Full Toolkits.

Become a Being in Colour® Facilitator

Upskill and be a leader...all you have to do is complete your Readership, complete 10 Case studies and a 500 word summary, do a reading for Pip / Barbara and be endorsed as a Being in Colour® Facilitator.

For one off fee of $145* we will assist you as best we can through confidence building to effectively work with others in this fabulous card reading technique:

  • Safety
  • Process
  • Documentation
  • Professionalism
  • Active promotion of you as a facilitator at shows, expos and in advertising material

You are expected to join in and refresh at least once a year with one of Pip's or Barbaras courses to keep fresh and this is usually for FREE. Personal one on one time is available at a session rate cost. We really thank you for helping and supporting the growth of Being in Colour and Cosmic Radience and we are excited to see the collaborative benefit.

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